We are pleased to show below, some examples of the feedback that we have received from our clients, their  names and addresses have been withheld.

Property Surveys

"Thanks for the report Rory - really helpful. It emphasises how important it is to get a a survey undertaken!"


"Went to my family yesterday and read through your excellent report, thank you so much. "


"Thank you for the survey. It was very clear, concise and helpful. "


"I have received the hard copy as well as this electronic one of the Homebuyer Report and I must say I am extremely grateful with the work undertaken. Thank you. "


"I have now been through your report. In my view it was of the highest quality and was incredibly useful. Thank you for all your help, time and due diligence. "


"Thank you so much for your survey. We can go forward and make decisions with the information you have kindly supplied. "


"Thanks for sending over the Homebuyers Report so promptly. We are pleased to have received such a thorough and detailed report."


Party Wall Matters

"I appreciate the update Emeka. Good news all round - thank you for your time and perseverance throughout."


"Thank you so much for all your assistance with these awards – we sincerely appreciate how quickly they have been completed."


"Thank you very much for your help in all this - we very much appreciate your professionalism and expertise."


"Thanks again David, you've been really great with dealing with our many neighbours. I think if I had realised at the outset how many neighbours we had, I may have thought twice - but it has been undertaken very smoothly thanks to you."


"It was very kind of you to be so helpful - we will recommend you if we have any friends in a similar situation and thank you most sincerely."


"Thanks for all your help and for dealing with this [the Party Wall Awards] so quickly and efficiently."


"I believe I only got through this process because of your unremitting efforts and expertise. I am enormously grateful to you and will miss our exchanges and your support."


"Thank you for the Award. We are very satisfied with your service and will recommend you in the future."


"Thank you for your advice, it is greatly appreciated. I wish I had contacted you months ago."


Leasehold Valuations

"Thank you for the report. We have confidence in our reduced offer now we know the real cost of extending the lease."


"Thank you very much for the advice and the report. We have managed to agree a very satisfactory figure for the freehold purchase."


Other Services

"Well done Daniel. Please forgive the informality but I am really pleased with this. Their first valuation was clearly so unjust."


"This is an extensive and thorough report and we are now confident to approach the company for a full refund. Many thanks."


If you have any feedback that you want to pass on to us, we would be pleased to hear from you.